Happy Birthday Peridot!

If your birthday falls in August, you’re in luck! Your birthstone is the stunning, semi-precious, gemstone the peridot! As we have written, green is the Pantone’s color of the year for 2017. As Vanessa Friedman stated in her wonderful article, green will be everywhere in 2017. This beautiful semi precious gemstone is one of the hottest gemstones today. Peridot is part of the Chrysolite family, and is a combination of magnesium and iron. It is known for it’s beautiful green hues. The Peridot’s popularity began in ancient Egypt. They were originally thought to be emeralds and were used to banish evil. Alternative engagement ring customers love the beautiful shades of the natural green color, with the finest stone being a rich shade of green. The Peridot comes in various shapes, and can be seen in many different types of jewelry, such as engagement rings, diamond necklaces and diamond brooches. They come from incredible eras in history including Art Deco, Victorian and the Mid Centuries. The peridot’s legend is one of love and marriage, and the lore is that it can help with stomach problems. Our collection of peridot engagement rings, and non-diamond rings, is always from estates which guarantees that they are ethical and conflict free. So let’s wish happy August birthday to the great semi precious gemstone, the Peridot!

Antique Peridot Engagement Ring

This stunning antique peridot ring features a 1.00 carat natural peridot surrounded by rose cut and single cut diamond accents, all residing in a 14 kt rose gold Victorian engagement ring!

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Tips For Buying Vintage Engagement Rings and Vintage Jewelry!

You’ve found your partner, and now it’s time to purchase a vintage engagement ring. There are a few important tips to follow when purchasing a vintage, or antique, engagement ring. First and foremost is authenticity. How do you know that the ring you are considering is truly antique or vintage? Are you actually purchasing an antique mine cut or European cut diamond, and are there any guarantees? Next is the condition of the ring. Is the ring (that may be decades old) in good, or excellent, condition? Are you actually buying real platinum, or gold, and not just silver? VintageDiamondRing.com has been in the diamond and antique jewelry industry for over 35 years. Here are some tips we’ve learned, that can help you, along the way.

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Pink Gemstone Engagement Rings!

Lately, my husband has started to wear pink polo shirts and pink long sleeves shirts. I asked him why the sudden change to pink? He also mentioned to me, that at the 2017 U.S open golf tournament he saw many of the golfers wearing pink! Viewers saw beautiful pink pants (I don’t think he’s there yet) and pink golf shirts. When I see this much pink, I realize how popular pink gemstone engagement rings have become. Non diamond engagement rings feature pink tourmalines from the 1960’s and 1970’s. If you love unique engagement rings , how about a beautiful pink sapphire engagement ring, or large pink Art Deco gemstone ring? Whichever era you prefer, we guarantee that pink is a hot color for all engagement rings, and will stay popular for a long time.

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How to speak Vintage Jewelry and Diamond Jargon

As we have said many times, we love the New York Times fashion section. #Jim Windlof had a wonderful article in last months fashion section which described how to speak fashion week. I thought it would be fun if we educated our readers on how to speak the diamond and antique jewelry language. Enjoy!


Once a deal for a diamond, or antique engagement ring , has been consummated between two diamond dealers or jewelry dealers, they shake hands and say “mazal.” No contract, just a handshake. It’s been that way for decades, and will never change! This stunning art deco engagement ring features a glittering .50 carat european cut diamond!

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Dare To Be Different: Wear Art Deco Engagement Rings

Consumers today, including millennials, refuse to compromise. They do not want the same old three stone diamond ring. Consumers want to be different, and original. They want simplicity, beauty, and color and definitely don’t want to be overstated. That’s why customers love Art Deco engagement rings and jewelry. These original hand crafted pieces are beautiful works of art. Consumers love beautiful filigree engravings, conflict free antique diamonds, and ethical gemstones. They seem to covet gemstones and antique diamonds which are guaranteed to be 100 percent conflict free. There are no certificates stating that they were mined in Canada, just original vintage engagement rings that assure authenticity. So take a journey with VintageDiamondRing.com and dare to be different with antique engagement rings. 


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Antique Engagement Rings and Hello Dolly!

My husband and I were lucky enough to see Bette Midler in the great play “Hello Dolly.” When the play was over, I was thinking about what a great time the early 20th century was. For jewelry lovers, like us, it was the time of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and Victorian engagement rings. Queen Victoria loved engagement rings in rose gold with beautiful mine cut diamonds, or precious and semi precious gemstones like rubies, emeralds, garnets and aquamarines. Master jewelers from the Edwardian era produced unique rings with beautiful filigree and milgrain engravings within metals such as platinum, while using center mine cut and european cut diamonds. If you love beautiful engagement rings which showcase elegant settings with conflict free diamonds and ethical gemstones, Edwardian and Victorian rings are simply stunning. Oh yes, we loved “Hello Dolly!” Here are five lovely antique rings from the early 20th century that you will love.


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Vintage Engagement Rings and a Green Environment!

With the U. S leaving the Paris Accords, one topic on everyone’s mind is climate change. California’s Governor #Jerry Brown, is trying to lead the way with China to reduce carbon emissions, and promote green technology. Other states Governors are following his lead. Consumers are being green when they choose vintage, and antique, engagement rings that are decades, and centuries old. No digging up of the earth’s surface, no dirty gold, and no underage labor. An antique diamond ring with a mine cut or european cut diamond from the Edwardian or Art Deco era is always conflict free. Since no underage children are being used for labor, they have a chance to study and become doctors and lawyers! VintageDiamondRing.com will never source diamonds or gemstones. Our gemstones (including rubies, emeralds, aquamarines and garnets) are purchased from estates throughout the world, thus promoting a green environment. We never use any new metals, such as platinum, gold or palladium to make new vintage style rings. No one can guarantee that the metal they use is 100 % recycled. Our collection of antique rings is always ethical and conflict free. Here are four beautiful engagement rings that you can feel great about!

Amethyst Engagement Ring

Take a trip back to the Art Deco era, and help save the planet, with this bold and beautiful alternative engagement ring . It features a natural 5.00 carat round, deep purple amethyst. This gemstone is surrounded by seed pearls residing in a 14 Kt two tone Art Deco engagement ring, circa 1930’s. Browse our collection of antique amethyst engagement rings in beautiful hues of purple.

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Jackie Collins: The Antique Jewelry Behind the Stories

Who doesn’t love Jackie Collins? We lost Ms. Collins, the great writer, last year yet her jewelry lives on. Ms. Collins loved Art Deco jewelry. There is a wonderful article, written in The NY Times fashion section by #Melanie Abrams. Ms. Collins beloved Art Deco jewelry will go on sale at Bonhams Auction house. Her one of a kind Art Deco necklace showcased beautiful Columbian emerald gemstones, and was actually a combination of Art Deco brooches conceived by Neil Lane. The stunning Art Deco piece was coined “The Party Piece.” Included in her sale at Bonhams is a beautiful Art Deco bracelet, a vintage Cartier choker, and a stunning Vintage diamond bypass ring with a fancy yellow emerald cut, and emerald cut diamond, called “The Book Introduction Ring.” We will miss Ms. Collins, yet we still have her gorgeous vintage jewelry to keep her memory alive! Here are four Art Deco rings Ms. Collins would have loved!

Antique Sapphire Ring

Ms. Collins loved gemstones. This sapphire engagement ring from the Edwardian era features a deep blue Burma sapphire, flanked by 14 mine cut diamonds, all residing in a show stopping platinum setting, circa 1920’s. We like to consider our Edwardian ring a “Party Ring!” Edwardian engagement rings feature classic settings, and gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds.

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Fig Leaves are Out and Art Deco Engagement Rings Are In!

#Tatiana Schlossberg of the NY Times fashion section wrote an article on 5/24/17 “Fig leaves are out and what to wear to be kind to the planet.” Our collection of ethical engagement rings (featuring antique engagement rings and vintage engagement rings) is the perfect jewelry choice to be kind to our planet. We know that vintage rings are always ethical and conflict free. When consumers purchase Victorian or Edwardian jewelry, they are being kind to the environment. These rings were not made by digging up the earths surface to find precious metals. Mine cut, and european cut, diamonds are always conflict free, so they are not funding any wars in Africa. By not using underage labor, children can go to school to study to become doctors, or lawyers, or whatever they want to be. As Ms. Schlossberg said, let’s be good to our planet by enjoying Art Deco engagement rings , which will also have a positive impact on our planet. Enjoy our rings!

Antique Aquamarine Ring

One way to have a positive impact on our planet is considering one of rings from our collection of antique aquamarine rings . This Art Deco ring features an 5.00 carat square cut, cool blue, aquamarine residing in a 14 kt two tone gold setting, circa 1930’s. With a unique vintage look, aqua engagement rings remain classic and timeless. Fun Fact: Rose gold is a mixture of silver, gold and copper for a one of a kind look!

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Antique Engagement Rings: As Cool As a Summer Breeze!

What’s as cool as a summer breeze? That’s easy, Antique Engagement rings! With glamorous, center precious and semi precious gemstones, nothing says summer better than an Art Deco engagement ring. Art Deco rings with a dazzling, cool, sky blue aquamarine sparkling from every angle, or a conflict free Muzo Columbian emerald residing in an original 1930’s Art Deco setting. Our collection of antique rings feature ethical tourmalines, opals and zircons. Stay cool in an Art Deco ring with a Burma Ruby or natural garnet. Have a glass of wine with friends with your vintage ring on, or look your best at the office with a beautiful antique ring. We welcome you to view 4 eye catching engagement rings that you will love!

Antique Sapphire Rings

Have a glass of wine your with best friend wearing this dazzling antique sapphire ring . It features a stunning, bezel set, .50 carat Burma sapphire, surrounded by 11 mine cut diamonds, all residing in a 1900’s Victorian rose gold setting. Our collection of vintage engagement rings is never inspired, and never on consignment. We have only original antique

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